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I’m Ally. Having been conceived in a rusty caravan in Cornwall I was born to life in the town of Colchester, Essex in the year of our Dark Lord, 1973. This makes me closer to forty than I would like but then again, I hear that’s when life begins.
My formative years were spent in the Sussex town of Crawley but I have lived in Scotland, Brighton and am now currently living and working in Birmingham, with my partner and our two cats.

I’m a self-confessed and proud film geek. I enjoy most science fiction films as well as horror, drama, thrillers and comedy. I’m a big fan of Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings and I would describe myself as Hobbit-shaped. In fact, Hobbits, as well as all people of small stature fascinate me. I am intrigued by anything that is slightly odd or freakish and I am a sucker for documentaries on the subject. I also have a thing about serial killers, true crime and the paranormal. Books are another passion of mine and I will read pretty much any genre (except Harry Potter!) but mostly horror, non-fiction and autobiographies. My favourite author is Stephen King but I like Hunter S. Thompson, Tolkien and Armistead Maupin.

I’ve been told I am pretty opinionated and intolerant which is fine by me. I am also told that I am a good friend and kind and lovable, which of course is ALL true! ;) I try to be open-minded but I really can’t bear preachy Religious Types or Vegetarians/Vegans. If you are a combination of either and feel the need to convert me, best avoid this journal as you WILL be offended by its content and my reaction to your beliefs.
That said, I love animals. The stupid lazy ones taste great!

Another passion of mine is art. I paint, draw, sculpt, sew and generally make a mess doing it. I have just set up my art studio and now have no excuse to finish the vast collection of projects that are in varying stages of completion.
While I paint I listen to a wide variety of music but mostly old school Goth bands like Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission as well as rock music like The Doors, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Fear Factory, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails. Most recently I’ve been exposed to EBM which is a departure for me, as I prefer guitar based music. I’m still not convinced that one man and a laptop constitute a live act but for the most part some of it’s not bad. Bands I like are Combichrist, KMFDM, VNV Nation, Pride and Fall, Panzer AG, Covenant and Apoptygma Berzerk. I also like some Indie bands such as She Wants Revenge, Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol and Placebo. I pretty much loathe chart music especially Hip Hop or RnB.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my music and film heroes over the years and have attended conventions and premieres when I get the time/money.

And that’s about it. Feel free to add me but please comment or I won’t add you back!
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